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Buying equestrian properties – Uk land and farms

Buying equestrian properties

Buying equestrian properties

Buying equestrian properties

Buying an equestrian property Many horse owners usually desire to have their own property where they can comfortably live and also rear their precious animals. The thought of a vast property with lush green grass, smooth terrain, and horses peacefully grazing is something that keeps crossing the minds of many an equine owner.

As a horse owner, you are absolutely right to want to have a property of your own. Having your own place will let you look after your beloved animals in a private and protected environment with minimal disturbances. Horses need peaceful environments in order to thrive. A private and vast property will also give your horse plenty of space to graze and play in. This is good for its overall wellbeing.

A private equestrian property is not only beneficial to your animal but also to you and your loved ones. The serene setting that commonly defines equestrian properties helps you unwind and be in a good emotional state. You can also take advantage of the large stretches of land and go for a horse ride. If you’re a racer, the vast acreages can help you hone your racing skills.

Buying an equestrian property in the UK

The UK boasts of multiple locations which are ideal for setting up an equestrian property. If you’re a horse owner, you might want to consider owning property in places like Northumberland, Aberdeen, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire among others. These places have ideal climate and vegetation for horse rearing.

Prices of equestrian property in the UK tend to be fairly expensive. The prices range between £200,000 and £2 million depending on the quality and type of property being sold. Property prices are also determined by location. Some places such as Cheshire, Cambridgeshire, and Buckinghamshire tend to be more expensive in comparison to other locations.

With proper planning and budgeting, you can be able to find a suitable property for your family and animals. It is important to involve sales agents when buying equestrian property. Agents know how to identify the best deal out of the many equestrian property for sale.

Factors to consider when choosing an equestrian property

There are various factors you need to consider before settling on buying a particular equestrian property. These factors are as follows:

Proximity to socioeconomic amenities and other essential facilities

The property you buy shouldn’t be very far away from places such as stores, hospitals, roads, and telecommunication centres. This is because you will need to use such facilities. Imagine a situation where you have an emergency and you need to rush to the hospital at night yet you live somewhere far off with unbeaten roads. Isn’t it dire? You therefore shouldn’t buy property in very far off and deserted areas.

In addition to everything, your animals will need vet services and you and your loved ones will also need to go to work or school. All these are easier if you don’t live in a very far off place.

Topography and geography

The terrain of an equestrian property is important. Horses need smooth grounds rather than rugged, hilly, and steep areas. Your animal needs to graze or run around without getting hurt from things such as sharp rocks and stones. A smooth terrain will also come in handy when you need a horse ride.

The geography of a region is also important when it comes to choosing an equestrian property. You don’t want to be in a place that is prone to flooding or where your animals continuously have muddy hoofs.

Environmental laws

You should consider the environmental laws and regulations which govern a particular area before buying property there. This is because some municipalities have zoned their regions and do not allow horse keeping in selected areas.

Water supply

You should property in an area that has ample water supply. This is because you will need to use a lot of water with the animals. They need to be watered and washed and their stable also needs regular cleaning.


The security of the area in which you are purchase property matters. You shouldn’t be in an area where you, your family, and animals are likely to be attacked.


The size of the land on which the property is located is important. Horses need ample space. It is recommended that you keep one horse per 2.5 acre of land. You will therefore need a property that is large enough in size.

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