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List your property

List your property

We have been looking for property for over 2 years, myself and my partner have been dreaming about a move to the country and we are determined to make that dream happen, things are tough in this day and age but we are determined not to let that put us off.  So where we started was to do a little google search for UK land and farms and see what we find and to our shock we didn’t really find very much in way of quality websites that allows us to search for our criteria.  We built this site to make it easier to search for properties that fit your requirements.

What were we looking for?

We were looking for a property with Kennels on, our plan is to move to the country and run Kennels as a business, currently we breed Chow Chows and we want to give our Chows a wonderful home in the country where they can run free without the distractions of urban living.  This means the property we need has to be exactly what we want and exactly as we want it.  I love water, it just has a calming effect and I feel at home near a river or a lake, the sound of running water is mesmeric and the property we buy has to be near a water source.  I don’t even care if its the smallest stream in the world as longs as its running water.  This means my search so far is a property with Kennels and River views.  

UK Farmland

So we decided if we cant get the right website that allows us to find a property that suits our needs then we will build one ourselves.  So far we are 6 months in and we have some properties listed and our theory of getting that perfectly customised search is up and running. Now we just have to find that perfect property that will allow us to have that dream move to the country that we crave.

farmland search


A little bit about our search in the search block, if you are looking for a property that has a fishery as a business along with paddocks and our filters will only give you the properties with that exact criteria and will help you quickly determine what is good for you and what you can you will not even see the properties that are no good for you.  We feel this is important because it is exactly what we needed.

We are developing the site as we go and hope that anyone planning to use our services will give us feedback on the bits they like and don’t like  so we can provide that that perfect service.








Is this service free?

Yes we offer free listings to anyone wanting to list a property, we welcome estate agents to list as many properties as they want on the site as we get our revenue from our advertisers to cover the costs of hosting etc.

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