Sell your property

Sell your property

Sell your land or farm

We have built this website to help allow people to list their properties for free, we want to see anyone with UK Land and Farms to list their property with us.  There is no charge at all for this service even if you are an estate agent, we just want to see a portal where people like myself can look for the perfect property for sale.  Generally there is a lot of websites like this although we pride ourselves on having a search feature that allows you to customise the search so much that you find that property that ticks every box before you even begin.

Easy to use

We have also built the site so it is easy to use, we want to be able to allow you to upload as many images as possible to show the property off to the potential customer and close out the sale, we don’t take commission and we don’t charge any fees, we get our revenues from advertising to cover our hosting.

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